Hi Everyone and welcome to my first LPP blog.

I thought I would talk about my new re-useable wine and keep cup candles.

Lets face it we all like our living spaces to smell inviting and fresh so what better way than with a scented candle right? 

Well I had a brainwave, why buy new candles over and over and end up throwing away the candle container when you can have a re-useable candle cup.

I have had my kids and some of their friends try these out and we have been burning them in the studio at this stage they seem to be a hit! I am so excited I keep coming up with new fragrances some I love and some I don't like at all but it's all in the fun of experimenting.

You can choose from a wine cup or keep cup (they can both be used for hot and cold drinks just different shapes) choose the colour you want and the scent you like and I will combine the two made just for you. Each cup is different because I'm not a machine and my candles aren't perfect because I am just a beginner in the candle making game but they are all made in my Kilsyth Sth Studio by me with some help from my team. The candles are all made from soy and coconut wax and a timber wick to give that campfire flame effect, with good quality fragrances so they fill the room with scent, after all there's nothing worse than buying what you think will be a nice smelling candle and you can't smell it when it's burning.

Once your candle has burnt down you just give your cup a really good scrub (it can go in the dishwasher) and you can use it for your favorite beverage or bring it back to me and have it refilled with your choice of candle. (for a small fee)

Anyway feel free to jump to my shop page and check out the new cups, if you have a suggestion or just want to chat I would love to hear from you.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post,

Stay Safe, Stay Well and Be Kind,